Residents who rented boat docks will have the opportunity to renew their space for the year.  John Milner will contact you with paperwork  for renewal of boat docks for the season.

John Milner is responsible for coordinating boat dock contracts, reservations and payments.  If you wish to be added to the wait list, please contact John Milner.

As in the last few years, boat dock renters will be able to return paperwork and money for boat stickers with their rental agreement. 

The existing boat docks will be installed prior to Memorial Day and will be available through mid-September.   

If you have any questions,  please contact John Milner (216) 314-1382 or via email at


John Milner is coordinating the boat stickers. He will have a drop box on his front porch (676 Rock Creek Drive) for you to leave completed paperwork.  Once he reviews and approves the documents, he will get your sticker to you. No boat is permitted on the lake without a current season boat sticker.  Please address any questions to John Milner or another ALA representative from Hawthorn of Aurora.

Required paperwork is as follows: 

  • Completed Lake Access Permit, signed by the homeowner
  • COPY of Boat title (designating the homeowner as the owner of the boat)
  • COPY of Ohio boat registration (designating the boat is registered in the State of Ohio)
  • COPY of Insurance documents (including insurance on the boat and also $1 million liability coverage for boats over 10HP)
  • Check made out to Aurora Lake Association (ALA)

No stickers will be issued without all of the necessary paperwork, so please read this in detail and make sure you have all necessary documentation.   NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can obtain a lake access permit and current rates from the ALA website.


ALA is comprised of members of both Hawthorn and Aurora Shores for the purpose of managing Aurora Lake for all of our benefit. All meetings of the ALA are public and attendance is encouraged.  

Please contact one of the ALA Board Members for information concerning dates and times for ALA Meetings.   Hawthorn Members are:

John Milner  (216) 314-1382

Bob Chapdelaine  (330) 995-6580

Matthew Kolar (330)-307-6640

Mike Drozda

For more information, check out the ALA website or the ALA Facebook Page.  It is listed under Aurora Lake Association – ALA. 

LAKE TESTING.  The ALA is responsible for testing the quality of water in the lake.  This is generally done periodically and prior to holiday week-ends.   Please contact John Milner for the most recent testing results.


Water skiers from Aurora Shores and Hawthorn have formed a ski club, called the Aurora Lake Water Ski Club (ALWSC). The club has been established to provide a community of skiers and non-skiers a way to learn how to ski, barefoot and wakeboard, as well as improve individual skill levels in each of these disciplines. 


All kayak rentals are currently rented. If you would like to be added to the waiting list or have any questions please contact Steve Rapko. If you don’t get a response within a day please contact again as sometimes mail is sent to the spam folder.