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Hawthorn Amenities and Clubs/ Contacts 

Aurora Lake Association, Inc. Meetings are scheduled periodically for this Association. All residents are highly encouraged to attend. Any questions concerning the lake policy’s and procedures, please contact one of the following ALA representatives from Hawthorn of Aurora:

  • John Milner  - 330-800-7078
  • Jerry Milano - 330-995-8995
  • Bob Chapdelaine - 330-995-6580  
  • Matthew Kolar - 330-307-6640

Aurora Lake Water Ski Club - Water skiers from Aurora Shores and Hawthorn have formed a ski club, called the ALWSC.  This club has been established to provide a community of skiers and non-skiers a way to learn how to ski, barefoot and wakeboard as well as improve individual skill levels in each of these disciplines.  

Boat Docks/ Boat Stickers - Click on the link on left for "Lake Related Information" for information on boat docks and boat stickers.

Bocce Ball Courts - Our two bocce ball courts, are availble for use on a first-come basis. There is a neighborhood league on Thursday evenings, from 6PM-10PM.  Contact Margie Lewis 330-562-9598, if you are interested in participating in this league.   Please review Bocce Court Rules,  if you are not familiar with the rules.

Bulletin Board - In the pool area for residents to post information regarding meetings, parties, swim lessons, etc.

Clubhouse Rentals - The clubhouse is available for rental.   Click to access the "self-booking" system for Hawthorn of Aurora Clubhouse, Pavilion and Pool: Hawthorn of Aurora Reservation Management System.   If you need to speak to someone, please contact Erica Vallen from KareCondo. She can be contacted via phone at  330-688-4900 or via email at  evallen@karecondo.com.     

Facebook Page for Hawthorn Homeowners Association  - Hawthorn of Aurora has a Facebook Page.  Any resident can "like" this page.  As  a result, the resident can then post any information to neighbors/ residents who have also "liked" the page.  To do so, click on the following link,  Hawthorn of Aurora Facebook Page and click "LIKE"

Hawthorn Homeowners Association - Any questions concerning the Homeownership Rules and Guidelines, please contact your Trustees:

     David Anderson - President

     Steve Rapko - Vice President

     Stephanie Sluzala - Secretary

     Dawn Pritts - Treasurer


Additional information related to the Homeowners Association, can be obtained by clicking on the tab labeled "Homeowners Association" on the left panel of this webpage.

Neighborhood Directory - The Neighborhood Directory is available via this website.  Click on link for Neighborhood Directory.  A username and password is required.  To get username/ password or to update your information in the directory, please send email to  directory@hawthornofaurora.com.  

Pavilion - The pavilion can be reserved for use by Hawthorn residents.  See above information regarding Clubhouse Rentals for contact information and process to make a pavilion reservation.   

Pool Committee - The Hawthorn Pool Committee can assist in obtaining wrist bands or any other questions regarding the pool.  Please contact one of the folowing persons, with any pool questions or issues or concerns:     

Linda Granger         Barry Wessels
David Anderson      Steve Rapko
Dawn Pritts            Laura Duguay

Pool Rentals -  The Hawthorn swimming pool is available for rental in the "off hours".  Please contact anyone on the Pool Committee for more details.

Recipe Club - This club meets once a month from September thru May. Come share recipes, delicious foods and good times with neighbors & friends.   If interested in attending, please contact Margie Lewis 330-562-9598 or Karie Stefano 330-995-5687

Swim Lessons - The lifeguards at the pool will offer swim lessons during the summer months for all ages and levels. Watch the bulletin board at the pool for times and sign ups.   

Swim Team - If your children are interested in participating on a swim team or you are interested in assisting, please contact Laura Duguay.   To visit the swim team's website, click on Hawthorn Hurricanes Swim Team.

Tennis Courts - Our two tennis courts, are availble for use on a first-come basis.   Please review Hawthorn Tennis Court Rules, if you are not familiar with the rules.

Volleyball - The volleyball court is available on a first-come basis. Please review Hawthorn Volleyball Rules, if you are not familiar with the rules.   If interested in playing volleyball contact Linda Granger at 330-562-7916 for information.

Website - For more information on what’s new and happening in the neighborhood, click on http://hawthornofaurora.com .   For updates to the site, please  send an email to support@hawthornofaurora.com.   A BIG THANK YOU goes to Ross Salupo for assisting us in hosting our website at webfaction.com.

Welcoming Committee -  If you know anyone who just moved into Hawthorn or you would like to help out on this committee, please contact Nancy Farrow (330-562-4553) or Angela Rapko (610-772-1711) . New volunteers are always welcome.



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